What is ZCred


What is ZCred?

What is ZCred?
ZCred allows you to manage a points-based allowance system using your iPhone.
How much does ZCred cost?
It's free, it doesn't cost anything.
You don't buy your ZCreds or rewards from us.
There's nowhere on this website to order anything or give us a credit card number.
It's free.
Why ZCred?
It's just the name of our points.
We chose ZCred because:
a) It's short (handy for typing into an iPhone address bar).
b) It rhymes (if you're British).
Why use a points-based system anyway?
The main reasons are:
a) It makes small rewards and penalties manageable.
b) It allows you to subsidise rewards that you feel are more worthwhile.
c) With an iPhone in your pocket it's very convenient.
d) It provides your children with instant association between behaviour, praise and consequence.
What does ZCred do?
ZCred allows you to keep track of allowances, bonus awards, penalties and rewards.
Your children get a ZCred allowance every Saturday.
You can award bonus ZCreds at any time.
Penalties can be imposed resulting in a loss of ZCreds.
You decide what rewards your children can spend their ZCreds on.
How much are the allowances, bonuses etc.?
That's up to you.
You choose the value of allowances, bonuses, penalties and rewards - or even whether to use them at all.
How are rewards fulfilled?
We don't fulfill the rewards - you do.
There's not some secret business model where you have to buy credits or rewards from us.
Why use ZCreds?
Many parents already use points-based allowance systems.
But managing the points can be a chore, usually involving charts and notebooks.
ZCreds is specifically designed for the iPhone so you can award or deduct points using the device you carry around anyway.
This instant access means that you can be consistent in the way you apply your rules.